Do you ship internationally?

How is MotorMood powered?

The face is powered by four AA batteries, and the remote is powered by one coin cell battery.

How does the remote communicate with the face?

Wirelessly using RF technology

Does the product come with batteries included?


How large is the face?

5 inches

How large is the remote?

2.5 inches by 1.5 inches

How does the face attach to my car?

The face attaches to the inside of your car's rear window using two double sided (non-marking) adhesive tabs.

How does the remote attach to my car?

The remote attaches to the driver’s sun visor using a plastic clip, like a garage door remote but more stylish :)

How do you change the face overlays?

They slide in and out through an opening at the top of the display

How much does CarMoji cost?

Just $24.99

How can I contact MotorMood directly?

You can email us at hello@motormood.com

How does the face light up?

The face is backlit by three LEDs.

If I have a rear window that inclines at a sharp angle, will other drivers still be able to see the face?

Yes on almost all cars! For angles less than 70 degrees, we recommend placing the product toward the bottom of the window to ensure the best line of sight. If you have a rear window with an angle of more than 40 degrees, or no rear window at all, you can put the face on a side rear window.

Do you offer a CarMoji for bikes or motorcycles?

Not at this time

Do you offer any messages in text format like "sorry" "thanks"?

Not at this time

Do you offer a middle finger CarMoji?

Sorry we don't!

Does the face still show up through a tinted window?

Yes! The face will still show up through almost all tinted windows.